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Testosterone Therapy Works To Improve Mens Overall Health

Testosterone can justifiably be called the hormone that makes a man, a man. Unfortunately, as many as 5 million Americans have been diagnosed with low testosterone levels, with another 12.5 million suspected of suffering from low testosterone, but who aren’t receiving treatment.

What Does Testosterone Actually Do?

Testosterone is a hormone in the body that nurtures development of male sexual characteristics. It is produced by the testes. Without adequate production of testosterone, infertility results. The development of mature sperm requires testosterone. Women also produce testosterone, but in much smaller amounts.

Aside from the production of sperm, testosterone is also thought to regulate other functions: sex drive, bone mass, fat distribution, muscle development, and red blood cell production.

Why Testosterone Matters to Men’s Health

Healthwise, low testosterone has been implicated in obesity and metabolic risk factors. The decline in hormone levels is typically followed by an increase in body mass index and waist circumference. Research has also found a correlation between low testosterone, cardiovascular health and insulin resistance. Testosterone therapy may be the difference in recovering a healthy and functional amount of testosterone when compared to any other measures a man takes to boost such levels.

Lifestyle habits, such as smoking, can offset your hormonal balance, despite the research that shows smoking elevates the levels of estrone and estradiol, as well as testosterone. However, these studies also show that smoking compromises sperm production.

A study that looked at young Danish military recruits found that those who smoked marijuana more than once a week possessed higher levels of testosterone, similar to those seen in men who smoke cigarettes. But, like cigarette smoking, these marijuana smokers possessed 28% lower sperm concentrations than normal and a 29% lower sperm count. Combined with other recreational drugs, smoking marijuana was found to result in a 52% lower sperm concentration and a 55% lower sperm count.

A Libido Boost

Testosterone therapy can do wonders for your well-being, especially in the bedroom. Low levels of this hormone can affect your libido and make erections more difficult to achieve. While low testosterone levels and erectile disorders can result from other dynamics, such as performance anxiety, if you find yourself experiencing a diminished libido, it may be time to seek the help of a testosterone therapist, who can make the difference should you find your lifestyle habits are not improving your condition.

Other Ways Testosterone Therapy Helps

While the effects of testosterone can vary from man to man, many report that the use of testosterone therapy improves energy levels, sexual drive, and quality of erections. It has also been reported to increase bone density, muscle mass and insulin sensitivity.

Don’t ignore the indicators of a declining testosterone level. If you experience a lower sexual drive than normal and trouble maintaining erections, weight problems, or other muscle mass issues, explore testosterone therapy. Simply contact testosterone therapy specialists around Miami or elsewhere. They can provide a more comprehensive testosterone report than most other doctors.


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