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Women’s Sexual Problems Often Get Short Shrift

You are joined by millions of women around the country in experiencing sexual issues. A recent study of nearly 40,000 U.S. women found that 44 percent experience low desire, orgasmic problems or a decline in either physical or psychological arousal.

But the number dropped to only 12 percent when the women were asked if their sexual problems caused them some level of distress in their life. This is still an incredibly high number of women. Interestingly, the percentage of women admitting to their problems was highest (nearly 15 percent) among those ages 45 to 64, compared with 10 percent of those between 18 and 44. Women who said they had any sexual problem rated themselves in poor health and said they were more likely to have experienced depression or anxiety.

Knowledge about such studies help women understand there are millions of women suffering from similar sexual problems like low desire and difficulties achieving orgasm-both of which can lead to personal issues and relationship strains. These studies also empower women to discuss their sexual health-and potential treatments-with our professional staff here at Optimal Health Miami where we are uniquely prepared to evaluate and offer treatment options for women with sexual health issues.

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